Experimenting with Eyeshadow

Hey guys, I thought I would do a little post on a few eye looks I have done in the past few months. 

Eye makeup is something that I always want to improve on as it isn’t my strongest point, so I decided to try and experiment a little more than usual. 


For this look I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade ‘ebony’ and a clear brow gel on my eyebrows. Urban Decay Electric palette in the shades ‘jilted’ and ‘urban’. NYX jumbo eye pencil in the shade ‘black bean’. Urban Decay single eyeshadow in the shade ‘blackout’ which can also be found in the Naked 2 palette. Stargazer glitter shaker in the shade ‘silver’.


For my second look I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade ‘ebony’ and a clear brow gel. Urban Decay single shadow in the shade ‘riff’, Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette shade “extra bitter’. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter liner in the shade ‘distortion’. Ebay fake eyelashes and chunky glitter. 


For my final look I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade ‘ebony’ and a clear brow gel. Urban Decay Electic Palette in the shades ‘gonzo’ ‘fringe’ and ‘freak’. Urban Decay Moondust Palette in the shades ‘lightyear’ and ‘vega’. Urban Decay (running theme here) Heavy Metal Glitter liner in the shade ‘distortion’. Ebay fake eyelashes and glitter stars. 

Hope this inspires some of you to create more fun and out of your comfort zone looks even if it isn’t your strongest point.

Thanks for Reading,

Lois Marie xo

March Favourites!

Hey guys, I thought I would share a few little things that I had been loving throughout March (although I can’t believe we are half way through April already!!!).

The first thing that I had been loving throughout march was the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish; I use this product as a second cleanse after I’ve removed my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling soft and deeply cleansed; I use a pure cotton cloth that came with the cleanser to wash it off. The cloth gently exfoliates the skin removing any dead skin cells. 

I have tried so many foundations over the years and my skin has fell in and out of love with them all. I am currently loving the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, it is light to medium coverage that you can build up with a demi-matte finish which gives my skin the most beautiful natural glow. I love having good coverage to my foundation without it looking thick or caked. 

I always try to keep on top of my skincare as I have had acne prone skin since I can remember. Throughout march I have been using pore strips to keep my nose blackhead and gunk free, these pore strips are only £1.19 from home bargains so I thought I would give them ago and they’ve been working amazingly, they leave my nose feeling smooth and pores noticeabley smaller. 

The final beauty themed item I had been loving throughout march was the Blistex intensive moisturizer. I have really dry chaped lips all year round however in February they had began to crack and bleed every time I would move my mouth, and this was for a few weeks (painting a beautiful picture right now I imagine). I first thought I had a coldsore on the corner of my mouth as that’s where it was the worst, so I tried coldsore cream and it didn’t help at all. So when I went to the chemist he recommended blistex as he often got badly dry lips and said it is what it looked like. Then TAAAA DAAAA within a few days my dry lips had stopped cracking and bleeding and they were better than ever and I will never go back to any other lip product again. I highly recommend this product if you have dry or dehydrated lips or just like to keep them deeply mosturised.

In march I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast, which I imagine a lot of you did. I wasn’t expecting much from this film and personally didn’t expect to like it as I am a die hard fan of the original and it is one of my treasured childhood favourites! HOWEVER I was proven massively wrong, I absolutely adored the film, I loved everything about it especially the added scenes that hadn’t been apart of the original. I fell in love with characters I didn’t care for in the original as well and I loved how everything fitted the period of when the film was set, which I didn’t notice much in the original film.

I recommend this film to everyone even if you’re not massive Disney fan! 

Thanks for reading,

Lois Marie xo

Affordable Makeup Drawer Organisers

Hey guys, as much as we all love collecting and trying out new products it can be quite a pain to organise.

I keep my makeup inside of two sets of Alex drawers from Ikea, which I believe the majority of makeup enthusiasts on YouTube own; however these drawers are the best things that I have ever bought! The only problem I had was organising my makeup inside the drawers. After looking around for ages the only things I could find were acrylic containers for £8.00-15.00. Luckily I accidentally came across some clear boxes in Boyes which work perfectly and range from 99p-£2.00.

Each box works as two organisers.

Hope this is helpful to any of you’s who are looking for some drawer organisers!

Thanks for reading,

Lois Marie xo

GLAMGLOW: Supermud review 

Hey guys; as I have been using the GlamGlow supermud mask for 8 weeks now I thought I would give a review. 

I decided to try the supermud mask as I have acne prone skin and felt like my skin had started getting too used to the Lush ‘ Mask of magnanimity’. I got my mask in a Christmas gift set along with the thirtymud and youthmud masks; the set was £39 which was the same price as one full sized mask.  

The mask itself smells like liquorice and has a nice smooth consistency when applying it. 

How the mask looks when first applied. 

Straight away the mask began to heat up and tingle on my face, because I put the most amount of product around my nose it did feel like it was pulsating. 

Mask after 5 minutes. 

The mask starts to turn a light grey and starts showing all the little nasties in my skin. This mask removes any excess oil and gunk your skin is holding onto which is my favourite thing about this product. My skin also feels tightened and lifted once the mask has fully dried; after I have washed the mask off my skin is  noticeabley softer and feels deeply cleansed.

I love this mask for clarifying and getting rid of any toxins that have built up in my skin. 

Thanks for reading,

Lois Marie xo

Black Friday 2016 Haul

Hey guys, as most of you know it was Black Friday not so long ago and I assume just like many of you I got sucked in by the 10% off or more deals! 

Of course being the makeup junkie I am, I didn’t even bother with electronics or clothes for that matter, I went straight for beauty and cosmetics.

The first things that I bought were the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette (£34.83 instead of £43) and the Laura Mercier translucent powder (£23.49 instead of £29), as both have been on my wish list for quite a while now. The palette is super vibrant and fun and I can’t wait to have a play around with it; my favourite shades being ‘Gossip’ ‘Seize’ and ‘Calavera’. I am most excited to try the translucent powder though as I have heard only great things about it. 

My second purchase was through Beauty Bay, I hadn’t seen much that caught my eye on their Black Friday deal however I did pick up a large Z palette (£12.25 instead of £17.50) so I can start collecting more single pan shadows and two Michael Todd toners (£10.40 each instead of £13) I have been wanting a Z palette for a while as it would be more suitable for travel than my Mac Pro palette, due to the Mac one having hinges. I haven’t used any Michael Todd products before however I was swooned over by the description and picked both up as I couldn’t choose. 

My final purchase was at Mac in a House of Fraser so they had 10% off, I picked up some Fix+ as I had just ran out and I also picked up one of the new extra dimension highlighters in ‘Beaming Blush’ which is a pink that reflects gold. I also picked up a pigment pot in the shade ‘Rose’ and a lipstick in the shade ‘Deep Rooted’. 

What did you guys get?

Thanks for reading,

Lois Marie xo 

Venus 2 Autumal Eye-Look

Although it is heading towards Christmas, my favourite shadow colour to wear at the moment is orange. 

My go to eyeshadow is the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette, the pigmentation is insane and I never get fallout. (Lime Crime is vegan and cruelty free.)

As a transition shade I use ‘Mustard’ which is a warm yellow and blend it along my crease. Then I go in with the shade ‘Jam’ which is a pumpkin orange on my crease and I will also pack onto the lid. The shade ‘Mud’ which is a burgundy brown will be used on my outer crease to slightly darken the eye. 

Finally the shade ‘Fly’ which is a ivory/ green shift will be put on my tear duct to brighten up the inner part of my eye. 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Ebony. Eyes: Lime Crime Venus 2. Lashes: Ardell baby wispies. 
Thanks for reading,
Lois Marie xo

Moisture Bomb First Impressions 

Hey guys, as it has hit the colder months my skin feels sooo dehydrated and I felt like it needed a little more than just moisturiser. 

I hadn’t really looked into anything for my skin but when I was in boots I picked up the Garnier ‘Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask’ as it was only 99p so I thought, why not. 

The fact it was just a tissue mask really appealed to me because although I am a very big face mask enthust, sometimes I hate how messy they can be. It was really quick and simple to apply and felt amazing as soon as it touched my face, I left it on for 40 minutes instead of 15 but that is totally not needed (social media distractions.) 

The first thing I noticed that the dry spots on the apples of my cheeks had shrunk and were almost gone and skin feels so silky and smooth. 

The packet the mask came in had so much left over serum in as well which I will probably apply everyday for the next few days. I will most likely repurchase this as my skin feels a lot more hydrated than before. 

Thanks for reading, 

Lois Marie xo

Urban Decay Masterclass

Hey guys, a few days ago I attended a Masterclass for Urban Decays 20th anniversary at my local UD counter. Although I have studied makeup for two years and have been practicing my techniques since I was about 14, it is always great to pick up new skills and techniques.

It was £10 a ticket but the money went on a gift card for you to spend afterwards. The masterclass lasted around two hours and in that time we got a full face makeup demonstration along with beverages and snacks; they used a mix of some of the new UD collections (Moondust and Vice Reloded palettes, as well as a Vice lipstick) and some of their most popular products (All nighter setting spray, Naked skin foundation and concealer.) 

My favourite part of the demo was seeing the new products and hearing about what is coming out soon (Naked Ultimate Basics palette, Liquid Moondust, Naked Illuminated trio and Lip palettes.)

The demo started off with eyes, followed by base and brows, then lips and finally setting your makeup. I am going to talk through some of the tips I wrote down from the masterclass, some I knew but wrote down purely just for this blog post and some were new to me.


Priming your eyes makes a huge difference when it comes to eyeshadow, the pigment comes through more and you get a much longer wear. 

If you are wearing eyeshadow it is always best to do it before your base, this is because of fall out (no one wants to spend hours on their makeup just to be covered in tiny eyeshadow specks.) To get rid of fall out just take a cotton bud or pad and makeup cleanser and clean under your eyes and where the shadow has fallen.

For eyeliner I have always sworn by liquid or gel, this was until I seen UD’s Perversion 24/7 glide-on eye pencil. The pencil has a creamy formula which makes it go on smoothly with no tugging and gives a beautiful matte finish. (This isn’t a tip but for those who are looking for new eyeliner I would recommend having a look into this one.)

Blending eyeshadow is something that sounds easy but a lot of people find it can be difficult. Always make sure you use a transition colour, this will help your eyeshadows blend into each other, especially if you’re using darker shades. A little technique that was mentioned at the masterclass was to wipe off your brush excess onto a tissue. Also blending up your shadows will give a gradient look rather than a block of colour. 

Using setting spray on your brush! Having a slightly damp brush when using products such as the moondust palette or pigment pots will make the colour and pigments really stand out and give it a metallic look. 


B6 is a vitiman infused spray which absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of pores. This is great for prepping the skin and for using when you are already wearing Makeup. I have been using this spray for months and I could not go without it in my routine now. (Once again not a tip but great if you’re looking for a little extra in your routine.)

A tip I did pick up was using a fluffy brush to blur your foundation once you have finished blending. This will make your skin appear flawless. 

3 Tip Contour. Is a way of contouring your face in a more natural way, this is bronzing your forehead to temples, to cheek bones to jawline. You can go as heavy or as light with this tip as we all prefer our faces to be contoured differently.


Lining your lips 3/4 of the way in rather than just a small line around the edges will keep your lipstick wearing for a lot longer and you won’t be left with just the lines at the end of the day. 

At the end of the masterclass we got a 20th Anniversary goody bag filled with samples and a look on is voucher.

with my voucher I purchased one of the new vice lip liners in nighthawk which is a beautiful neutral brown. 

Thanks for reading,

Lois Marie xo

Surprising Beauty Finds

Hey guys, no matter what shop I go in if it has a cosmetics stand or range I will have a look. Today I was primark and usually I don’t ever see anything that catches my eye in there; however there was a rather large stand full of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (400ml) for only £2.50!! I couldn’t believe it (mainly because I had just paid £4 for a bottle in superdrug.)

So I decided to see what else they have brought into their beauty range, I was extremely surprised to see they had a small range of makeup organizers, disposable mascara wands and sponges that looked like beauty blenders as well as the mini versions.
I just picked up a lipstick holder (£1.50), disposable wands (£1.50) and some eyelashes (£1 each):

I haven’t seen any stores sell disposable mascara wands so this is handy because if you don’t have the time to wait for them to come offline and have a primark near you, you can just grab a pack. 

Usually I find cheap eyelashes are really thick and full but not in a flattering way; however the eyelashes I picked up have such a nice natural look to them and a really thin lash line, which is my favourite.

Finally, lipstick organizer. Clear plastic/acrylic storage seems to be extremely popular and you can get it off eBay, Amazon and everywhere else. However £1.50 is probably the cheapest I have ever seen it and being able to buy it in store is a bonus as you can see how big it is and if it is suitable for where you are storing it (you don’t get catfished by sellers either.) 

Thanks for Reading,

Lois Marie xo 

Brightening Up Your Eyes

Hello guys! I thought I would share a little product that I love using, the Nyx eyeshadow base in white. I got this product from the Nyx counter at my local boots for £5.50.This is an amazing base product for when using vibrant eyeshadows; the product is smooth and creamy which is a dream to apply as it just glides on, I also like to set the shadow base with the Ben Nye translucent powder.

My favourite thing about this product is that it can make an eyeshadow that isn’t extremely pigmented appear bright and vibrant! I have used a lilac colour from a Revolution palette:


Top: no primer. Bottom: primer.


I also used this primer all over my models eyes for my college exhibition where I had to recreate a magazine front cover. I had chosen a Fiasco magazine cover and the original makeup artist was Anita Jolles.

Thank you for reading,

Lois Marie xo